Huon Aquaculture – Consolidation of Facilities

Client: Huon Aquaculture
Location: Parramatta Creek, Tasmania, Australia
Scope overview: Design and construct a new 2,500m² value added salmon processing facility and a 750m² administration facility
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Project Description

This world-class, future-proof facility incorporates whole fish, fresh fish, and value added cold and hot smoked production and heralds the successful consolidation of Huon’s full range of seafood processing at a single location, optimising all throughputs and efficiencies.

With complete production control of their entire operation on one site, Huon’s Investor Report for the first half of 2015 states that the new facility would:

  • Deliver cost savings of over $1m in its first year of operation
  • Provide centralised processing and value adding allowing for efficient product planning in the future
  • Ensure the equipment and capacity required to create the salmon products of
    the future.

“The new smokehouse and new product centre is part of a four-year, $160 million controlled growth strategy for the company which consolidates our operations to Tasmania, delivers increased production capacity and efficiency whilst reducing our environmental footprint.”
Huon, Managing Director, Peter Bender