Who am I: Father – Dreamer - Student

The desire to learn and grow as a person, father, colleague and leader is what gets me up every day!

Outside of work I am … building! My family are the most important thing to me, so I enjoy building memories with my family the most, with my highschool sweetheart (wife) and two young daughters age 13 and 2 (our little miracle coke-bottle micro-preemie) usually by going on camping trips, fishing, or dirtbike riding and sometimes just exploring new places around SEQ. And building to me isn’t something I just go to work to do, it’s a passion, so when I have spare time I also enjoy building furniture, metalwork, and even my Shed, anything really which keep me physically active and mentally engaged. My biggest flaw is I am usually thinking up the next project or keen to jump onto the next task before I have finished the last one… I am also studying part-time at University, which keeps my mind open, not afraid to ask questions, and humble to all that I have yet to learn and discover.

Whilst I am a (usually) quiet, logical process-driven introvert, I enjoy meeting new people and finding out new things every day, which is just one of the reasons why I love being involved in the building industry. Not afraid to speak my mind if asked (sometimes too honest) but fiercely loyal to my family, and to those that have earnt my trust and respect.

I hope to one day obtain my pilots license (flying was a childhood dream) and open builders license, and in the meantime spending all the time I can with my family is my motivation to get the “job done” safely and efficiently, while having fun along the way!