Who am I: Future Dude

I’m Brett. I’m a father and a husband. I’m a runner, a thinker, a speaker and a writer.

I love change. I’m on this planet for a limited time so why don’t we make it as interesting as possible. Let no two days be the same. I’m always learning and I’m passionate about what comes next. A new way, a new piece of tech, a new wave to ride, a new challenge to embrace.

I look at what’s changed in the world, in my career and my life time or the tiny window that is human history and realise on one level; we live in the future in a period of unprecedented change, and on another level we live in the dark ages.

I can’t wait to see what change we can embrace, inspire, empower and leverage.

I run marathons and triathlons. I wake up each day to squeeze every ounce from each day.

I love to public speak and help inspire people of all walks of life to embrace the disrupted future and share what I’ve learnt.

If you want to talk to me I’m already waiting at the coffee shop for you…so hurry the hell up.