Who am I: Architect

Who am I ?

I love reading and learning about better ways of doing things. I get excited when I discover innovative and unconventional ways people have changed the world for the better.

I am passionate about the opportunities for better housing to change lives, and I am actively working on developing better housing that’s more affordable, adaptable, fit for purpose, beautiful to live in, and accessible to many.

I love watching my children learn and grow, and am humbled when they teach me what it means to be present, fearless, authentic and vulnerable. I am a triplet. My sisters and I did almost everything together. They were my closest confidants for many years, and the bond remains very strong. My belief that women are the stronger and more dominant gender comes from them. That’s why I was attracted to a beautiful strong woman who is now my wife.

I grew up around water. From the age of four or five I was sailing and windsurfing, wake boarding and water-skiing. I have had many adventures with my friends and family on the water, from being rescued 15Nm off Point Danger at night in a storm, to almost sinking off Noosa in a boat (no names Tom).

I try each day to remember the idea that “If you change yourself, you will change your world”