Wiley Joins Historic Trade Mission

Wiley’s Michael Fung and Michael Matthewson are set to fly out this Sunday to Shanghai aboard the inaugural international passenger flight from Brisbane West Airport in Toowoomba for Access China.

They are heading to Shanghai as part of the Access China Tour with TSBE, who have a delegation of 220 chartered over with Qantas. The five-day program is aimed at activating opportunities in ag in Asia, health and aged care and sustainable design and manufacturing.

Australia’s agriculture exports to China between 2010-11 to 2014-15, grew from $5 billion to $9 billion. With this in mind, the duo are keen to investigate infrastructure and facilities in China to support export as well as thoroughly understanding the entire supply chain right through to the consumer.

Red ribbon China

The duo will attend the Ag in Asia Conference in Shanghai and take part in site tours, including Alibaba, G-Shop, Sicheng (Australia Post-China Post JV), Pactyl and Shanghai Lianhao Foods Co Ltd. They will explore the opportunities available to local food processors, to take their produce to the world, quicker than ever before.

We spoke to Fung & Mathewson and asked them what they are both looking forward to on the trip:

michael fung

“I’m looking forward to building new relationships during the trip, both business and personal. I’m hoping to identify and develop opportunities for Wiley with Chinese companies planning to invest in food facilities in Australia.

On a personal note, my background is Chinese, but I have never been there, I can’t wait for my first trip to China to experience the culture. I am already excited to try the different foods there – from dumplings, to yum cha, and of course, Peking duck in China will be cool.” Said Fung.
Michael Matthewson WIley

“I’m really excited for the trip, being a Toowoomba local, it’s an opportunity for me to spend time with many contacts I already know, as well as meet some new faces.

The aspect of the conference and tour I’m most interested in is gaining firsthand knowledge of the new ways of doing business in China for fresh food processors. There’s so much potential and understanding the supply chain right through to e-commerce is essential.

I think the nightlife in China will be different to anything I have seen. After the conference and tours, I’m hoping there will be a chance for me to get out with some of my mates (new and old) for a beer afterwards. Dumplings are on the menu for me too!” Said Matthewson.

Curious about the opportunities for your company in Asia? Connect with Fung, Matthewson or one of the Wiley Team today.

We will be following their trip closely, stay tuned to the blog and our social channels for updates!