Griffin State School Grows For The Community

Griffin State School is expanding its school facilities to accommodate future students in the increasingly growing Queensland community. With three new buildings underway, the school is very excited and looking forward to sharing the new facilities with the extended community. School Principal Vicki Baker is expecting the school’s capacity to grow up to 1375 pupils by the year 2023 and these new buildings will be ready to welcome them.

The extension, designed and delivered by Wiley – the project delivery company, will offer the school three new, large buildings containing 30 classrooms, staff rooms, and amenities, as well-landscaped areas, sporting courts and playground, offering the perfect learning environment. The construction project, valued at $15.3 million, has tight timeframes for delivery, with challenging site access, operational constraints and a strong focus on safety with a live operating environment and very curious children.

The community and team at Griffin State School have strong values that align with Wiley’s. “We are the pride of this community. The most common piece of feedback we get from our community is about that sense of belonging, so they are really proud of the fact that we have this school community” said Principal Vicki Baker.

“Walking around just brings you joy. I get a real buzz seeing what we have. We are just so lucky and when those young men show us around, you can see the pride they have in the work they have done as well,” shared Rachael Steinhardt, Business Manager at Griffin State School.

Wiley Project Manager Pat Wills said, “We’ve been on site since June and have been really enjoying working with the school. As well, we’ve had great local contractors on-site and have made significant progress with the first building block being delivered ahead of time. With two more building blocks to go, we are looking forward to delivering the additional blocks to the school by mid next year, with the second block being handed over by January 2020. We know that the community is really waiting on these and feel proud and honoured to be involved.”

The final stages of the project are expected to be completed by mid-2020.